With an endless love for emotional, energetic and acidic techno, Stina is constantly curious to new influences. Her influences ranges from music like 90’s acid techno, trance and IDM, although at heart she is still a jazzy pianist, since that's where her music interest first started. 

In 2018, Stina has released a remix for techno duo Pindura, and her debut EP is expected soon. She’s based in Berlin and is frequently getting booked for DJ gigs around Europe and is also involved in various art projects as a sound designer, producer and live performer.

Stina's interest for electronic music quickly evolved to exploring both production, DJing and making mixtapes in her early teens. Through the years she's worked with arranging numerous club projects, as well as founding and becoming resident at a club in Gothenburg, a regular and popular event called Klubb Zättigung. 

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